Experience, Design & Innovation

From our headquarters in the UK, Limbs & Things combines medical experience, design expertise and innovation to create models that are renowned for being anatomically accurate and procedurally correct.

Working in close collaboration with leading clinicians from around the world, we produce a range of products that enable healthcare professionals to learn new skills, improve existing technique and become more confident and competent in their clinical and surgical practice.

The quality of our work is at the heart of the Limbs & Things ethos, and our aim is to provide excellence in both our products and customer relationships, delivering the highest quality task trainers and providing first-class customer care.

Our products promote clinical competency based on learning theories, moving from fundamental skills to more complex techniques within specific specialties. Visit our Products page to find out more about our Physical Examination Skills, Procedural Skills and Specialist Skills.


R&D and Production

Our Research & Development team use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to produce models to a higher standard and greater sophistication.

We have also embraced scan data from human subjects, which has been successfully incorporated into top selling products such as the PROMPT Birthing Simulator and the Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk3. 

More recently, the launch of our PROMPT Flex introduced software that is programmed to utilise Bluetooth technology to monitor and record training session data, useful for reviewing practitioner performance.

The Production department at Limbs & Things has adopted new technologies such as 3D printing to create moulds and smaller product parts, ensuring accuracy and quality.

All of these techniques support our belief that manufacturing at our UK premises equates to greater quality control and a superior finished product.



Product Management

A key department within the company, Product Management continues to build close relationships with clinicians and industry experts from across the globe to ensure that we deliver the most realistic and procedurally correct models available.

The team researches new and existing products, continually working with customers to evaluate feedback and providing our customers with what they want and need.


Customer Services

Our dedicated Customer Service teams deal directly with customers in the UK, and from our subsidiary offices in Sweden, the United States and Australia. Understanding individual customer requirements is at the heart of what they do, whether it is the procurement of a new product, ordering replacements or repairs or dealing with any issues that arise. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most personable customer care.

This care is extended to our international distributor network which covers over 80 countries on six continents and is managed by the International Customer Service and Sales team in our UK office.


Our Future

The future of simulation in healthcare is changing shape and Limbs & Things is continuing to work closely with leading clinicians, embracing new materials and technologies to help meet the educational needs of the customers of tomorrow. 

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