Limbs & Things was established in 1990 by Margot Cooper, a medical illustrator and active member of both the Medical Artists Association of Great Britain and the European Association of Medical & Scientific Illustrators.

Considering the emerging technologies, healthcare and social issues of the time, there was an increasing movement in the medical profession toward developing a new way of gaining clinical skills.

Using her experience and knowledge gained in medical education she identified the growing need for a form of training healthcare professionals away from patients, cadavers and animals.

Based on this she decided to specialize in 3-dimensional models. Limbs & Things first products included dynamic, anatomical models of the foot and spine, as well as synthetic soft tissue models containing pathologies such as varicoceles and perianal hematomas.

This initial portfolio of anatomical models was supplemented by our development of laparoscopic trainers that embraced new techniques increasingly used in keyhole surgery. Working together with renowned specialist laparoscopic surgeons and utilising the anatomical accuracy established in the 3-D models, the new product took on the form of an abdomen and pelvis with anatomical landmarks and internal components representing realistic simulated organs.



From the beginning Limbs & Things mission was to create and supply a system of training in ‘hands-on’ skills for healthcare professionals, enabling confident and competent practitioners through the use of our products.

Today we retain the same strong ethics, to improve patient outcomes through realistic learning experiences gained from our products.  



Our goal is to continue to provide products which allow clinical educators to successfully deliver their curriculum requirements in physical examination and procedural skills; as well as specialist skills in areas of medicine including Obstetrics, Gynecology and Urology, as well as continuing to develop products for Laparoscopic Surgery training.

This will be achieved by our collaborative work with leading clinicians and embracing new materials and technologies to help meet the educational needs of our customers of tomorrow. 


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