Limbs & Things Launches VALS Approved Laparoscopic Skills Trainer


Limbs & Things has launched a VALS approved laparoscopic trainer for veterinary surgeons in the USA. 

The VALS Laparoscopic Skills Trainer is a brand new, cost effective solution for acquiring the basic skills required for the VALS training and assessment program. There are two separate trainer boxes that are offered; one with the option of a USB Camera and the other with a TV Camera. Both boxes come with a light source and a pre-ported skin frame for trocars. It is an ideal training environment for developing skills both in the skills laboratory and “at home”.

Trainees can connect the trainer to their laptop or television (depending on the option purchased) for practice and training using their own instruments. (Instruments can also be purchased via the FLS website). The trainer allows for the development of basic psychomotor skills as well as knot tying and precision cutting.

As the exclusive developer and manufacturer of the FLS Training System, Limbs & Things is committed to providing healthcare professionals with products that enable competence and confidence in the skills needed to perform laparoscopic procedures.

The VALS product will allow the students to master the skills associated with a VALS Certification. “We are very honored to be a part of the Veterinary Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (VALS) program. Seeking the VALS certification will allow the surgeon to gain advanced skills in a low-stress environment and be prepared for the challenges of the real world” said Robin Wootten, Chief Learning Officer.

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