PROMPT Flex Range

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The PROMPT Flex Range has been developed to allow training in both routine and difficult birthing scenarios at all levels of teaching, learning and skill maintenance.

Our models are an integral part of the PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric Multi Professional Training) course and were designed in collaboration with the PROMPT Foundation, Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

The versatility of our PROMPT Flex Range has just increased with the launch of the new C-Section and Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Modules.

Skills Gained:

PROMPT Flex Standard (80100)

Communication and team work skills



Shoulder dystocia management

Instrumental (forceps and vacuum devices)

Delivery of placenta

Cord prolapse

Urinary catheter placement

IM injection

PROMPT Flex Advanced (80106)

As above, plus:

Scenario management 

Force feedback

PPH Module (80101)

Training in the management of post-partum bleeding

Realistic simulation of an atonic and contracting uterus

NEW Labor Progress Simulator (80109)

A cervical dilation & effacement training solution

NEW C-Section Module (80103)

Incision, delivery management & closure 

NEW Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module (80102)

Training in assessment of both the latent and active first stages of labor

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