Wilma’ Wound Foot™

Product No. VTA0950

You will receive:

  • Wilma Foot
  • Stand
  • Legend

Procedure: Wound Care

Based on an 80-year old patient for a true-to-life appearance, the model offers 20 conditions which allow for the identification & staging of wounds and their probable causes.

Skills Gained:

  • Wound assessment
  • Routine cleansing
  • Dressing techniques

Product Anatomy:

  • Pressure Injury
    • Stage I on the medial malleolus
    • Stage II on the lateral foot (behind the 5th toe)
    • Stage III on the heel with infection
    • 2 x Stage IV: on the lateral malleolus with exposed tendon and bone & on the medial foot (behind the big toe) with exposed tendon and slough
  • Suspected DTI
  • Neuropathic ulcer
  • Callus, Gangrene, Maceration
  • Amputation, Corn, Fungal thickened toenails
  • Blisters, Hammer toes, Skin stapled wound
  • Ingrown toenail, Unstageable eschar on lateral foot
  • Partial thickness wounds between toes

Product Qualities:

  • DTI on top of foot with “mushy/boggy” feel when palpated
  • Flexible material allows toes to be moved
  • Washable with soap & water

You will receive:

  • Wilma Foot
  • Stand
  • Legend

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